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The operating model of DAVANTAGE is based primarily on Incentive Travel, also referred to as MICE - “Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events“. All around the world, as well as in the Czech Republic, we can create, build and coordinate different types of corporate operations, designed to motivate, reward, inform and train its participants. These travel projects may be reserved either for the management and the employees but also for the sales representatives, customers and partners. One of the key rules of Incentive Travel is to offer an original and well-tuned programme (social, sightseeing, playful or relaxing) and to complement it with a working part, so that the expenses can be fiscally deductible. For further information see section DESTINATIONS.


Our company’s main objective as far as MICE is concerned is to provide a truly complex and professional service to enterprises and organisations that are present in the Czech Republic We are aware of the fact that costs play an essential role for our clients, in regard to the choice of the right incentive agency. In our search for perfection, however, we cannot rely on improvisations with unclear endings and half-baked solutions. This is why our suppliers of transportation, accommodation, catering, etc., are not always amongst the cheapest ones. For the sake of participants’ satisfaction, our advice for enterprises wishing to carry out an incentive operation is not to overly economise on the programme.


The core product of DAVANTAGE INCENTIVES is represented by worldwide incentive trips (incentive stays, or just incentives) that are tailored to the specific needs of each corporate customer. These are sophisticated group operations that usually include a brief professional or ceremonial session, followed by an extensive informal part consisting of cultural, adventurous, competitive, sporty and other types of activities.


And what are the main benefits of incentive trips? Many companies are aware that in order to be successful, to develop internally and externally, to keep their current markets and to penetrate new market segments, to increase their output and to make profit even in economically difficult times, having a good product and a skilful sales staff is not sufficient. It is essential for them to take care of all kinds of individuals who are important for the functioning of their enterprises. They simply have to invest in the motivation, inspiration and education of their employees, their business partners and their clients. At first sight, the financial resources required for this purpose may seem significant. However, the subsequent return on the investment - in the form of the improved performance of colleagues, greater customer loyalty and more advantageous contracts - often exceeds all expectations.


Obviously, working sessions and purely business gatherings do not always offer the best opportunities for obtaining valuable contacts, strengthening relationships with key partners and finding ways in difficult personnel issues. Once abroad, enjoying an incentive stay, many solutions start to emerge almost spontaneously. Shifting to a distinct, exclusive environment and eliminating the usual workaday stereotype results in a totally different atmosphere, one in which the participants are able to see a lot of things in a new light …


So, offer “your people” something special! Allow them to broaden their minds! The programmes of our incentive trips are a combination of endless possibilities. The form of each trip depends on many factors, such as the expectations of the ordering party, the structure of the guests, the destination selected, the length of stay, the nature and the complexity of group activities and the budget available. It might be a theme visit to Paris on the track of Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”, a military programme in St. Petersburg, camping in the desert somewhere in the Middle East or a catamaran race in the Caribbean. Memories from such events have to last forever. A proper incentive experience must be strong, positive, exhilarating and as different as it can possibly be from an “ordinary holiday” experience. The crucial conditions for successful incentive stays are: well-balanced itinerary, detailed preparation, professional organisation and “no compromise” on-site coordination.


What is very important, in particular with bigger incentive groups, is the undertaking of a prior joint inspection trip to the selected destination. During the inspection we will present to the client the overall conception and together we will check the accommodation facilities and other local services. Such trips should take place at least 2 months in advance, so that even programme modifications of a more radical nature would be still possible.


Apart from incentive trips, we can easily handle other MICE operations: conferences, events, meetings, gala evenings, receptions, conventions, presentations, etc. Incentive Travel in all its multiple shapes and colours, both abroad and at home, is our great passion. Place your trust in us and you will not be disappointed! Because You Deserve More.