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DAVANTAGE Incoming - 13 reasons WHY

01 Incoming (Destination Management) is one of the specific domains of travel on which we are narrowly focused
02 Our experience in providing services for visitors arriving from France and other countries remains undisputed
03 We know all about existing possibilities in Prague and the Czech Republic (and the neighbouring countries, too)
04 Our company’s versatile structure and procedures enable us to be credible, flexible, efficient and low-cost
05 Anybody can reach us easily anytime by e-mail or by phone - we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
06 We produce offers that fully respect the visions and wishes of our clients, as well as their financial imperatives
07 The tasks and missions we are entrusted with are treated in a thoughtful, inventive and professional manner
08 In order keep our full control and avoid complications, we coordinate many of our incoming operations on the spot
09 Only the very best and the most trustworthy suppliers of services are able to pass our rigorous selection process
10 We stick to deadlines we have agreed with our customers, even deadlines that could be described as "suicidal"
11 As required by law for all Czech Travel Agencies, we have concluded an insurance against the risk of bankruptcy
12 Owing to our Civil Liability insurance, we are fully covered in case of claims resulting from our business activities
13 For us, "Le Client est Roi", and we are proud to be driven by our company's motto "Because You Deserve More"